The Art of Service

Have you ever known a woman who is in an abusive relationship and wondered, “why doesn’t she just leave him?”

Did you know that each abusive act is comprised of its own manipulative cycle of violence?

Did you know that on average, it takes seven times for a woman to try to leave an abusive situation before she truly feels empowered to leave for good? This is known as the Seven Times Statistic.

These are things that we teach our teens in The Empower Her Sessions so that they can identify manipulative behavior early on in their relationships, and seek help before things get too violent. Through our sponsorship program, we give the girls a Love Bracelet as a reminder to Live Outside of Violence through Empowerment.

For a woman who has endured abuse, It takes strength and empowerment to seek help, and it takes strength and empowerment for her to rebuild herself and understand her value and self worth, which is why The Love Necklace Campaign was designed. The Love Necklace is a work of art, and a symbol that no woman is alone when she embarks upon her journey to find herself in the wake of abuse.

The Love Necklace Campaign is a social impact art project with the mission to support women’s health, safety, and dignity. It’s a one for one giving program that connects women across borders, offering hope and courage—a reminder that someone believes in her as she continues her journey.

It is an expression of art and servitude, and the larger the Love Necklace Community grows, the greater the service we are able to provide.

I guard my Love Necklace with my life because it serves as a reminder to never go back.
— Anonymous, Haven House, Belize City

There are many ways to become a member of The Love Necklace Community, from sponsoring, or mentoring a teen in our Empower Her Sessions, or participating in The Love Necklace one for one Giving Campaign, or becoming a donor, which not only connects you with a woman through the Love Necklace, but gives you the opportunity to provide more than one necklaces to women who are receiving care in shelters.

It the beginning of 2019, I stated that my goal was to provide 300 women with Love Necklaces this year. We have 258 Love Necklaces to go, and I know we can do it. Click here to become a member of The Community, and/or share this link with someone you think might be interested in connecting, through this small expression of art and servitude.