Welcome to Mpulse Studio

This is art from the tropics,

supporting women’s health, safety, and dignity

The Paintings

A collection of saltscrubbed watercolors illustrating ideas of hope through nature’s beauty.


The Jewelry

A delicate handmade, gold or silver necklace that spells the word ‘Love,’ in cursive.


The Stories

A novel about a woman finding herself in the wake of sexual trauma called ‘Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist.’

Margaret Elizabeth Hulse - the artist, the author

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Mpulse Studio is a social impact art studio that supports women’s health, safety, and dignity. 

In the wake of sexual abuse, author and artist, Margaret Elizabeth Hulse began writing her first illustrated novel, ‘Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist’, as a cathartic exercise to help her move through the pain. 

 Her novel quickly became an illustration of the journey we're all faced to explore after we've endured a traumatic event. It was during this time that she founded The Love Necklace Campaign to ensure that other women have the support they need as they recover from similar experiences. 

As an painter, writer, and jewelry designer, Margaret Elizabeth uses her creative trifecta to empower women and inspire them to venture out from their shadows into a place of strength and beauty.

I started writing a novel as a way to navigate through the darkness. I created an alter ego, Mona Lamar, within whom I could find strength. I was writing a story about everything that I wished I could experience in efforts to step back into the light. -Margaret Elizabeth Hulse

What They're Saying...

"Wearing an mpulse studio signature design fills me with strength and courage…"

—Liz Rubio
founder, L. Rubio Consulting

"My hope is that women will see other women wearing the love necklace and feel empowered to begin getting the support they deserve.”

—Jan Langbein, CEO Genesis Women’s Shelter

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