A note about the recipient of The Love Necklace

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I want to thank everyone who is a part of The Love Necklace Community. There is a woman who is healing from domestic abuse who is wearing the Love Necklace that was gifted to her through the purchase of a Love Necklace. I wish you could have been there when she received it so you could have seen how grateful she was... how much she smiled.

With the work I do with The Love Necklace Campaign, out of respect for each of the women's privacy and safety, I cannot always share things that I experience, the people I meet, or the stories I hear, but I want you to know this... your support matters!!!  

I recently visited one of the shelters that the Love Necklace Campaign partners with. 

When I walked into the common room of the shelter, two women sat on the floor with a baby blanket in between them. An infant smiled and cooed while the women visited. The director of the shelter called one of their names, and an enchanting woman looked toward us and smiled. She was wearing her Love Necklace. The late afternoon sun shone over the balcony and through the windows. It caught flecks of light from the golden chain, which cast a warm glow upon her smile. She already knew who I was.

The director of the shelter introduced me to her as the founder of The Love Necklace Campaign, and left us to visit.

I learned so much about her and her children. She is highly educated and passionate about her work and her family. Listening to her talk about the things that she has on the horizon was inspiring. She spoke with a comforting wisdom, but then the conversation took a somber turn. She placed her fingers on the golden Love charm that hung around her neck.

"Then this happened," she said and nodded toward the dorm room that she was sharing with her children. "This was unexpected... not a part of my plan." She continued, "Love hasn't been present in my life in a long time. I needed this reminder...for me...and for my children." 

I learned that was her last day in the shelter.  She was given the necklace as a reminder that she is loved, that someone cares about her as she embarks upon her new reality. Her case worker helped her find a new home where she and her family can now dwell free from violence.

This woman thanked me for her Love Necklace, and I want to thank The Love Necklace Community; it was you who made this happen.

I have so much love and gratitude for you.

With love,