I want to be Iron like a Lion

Iron like a Lion - salt-scrubbed watercolor on paper   Giclee Prints  and  Original Art  available

Iron like a Lion - salt-scrubbed watercolor on paper

Giclee Prints and Original Art available

"I want to be Iron like a Lion in Zion..." -Bob Marley

If this song isn't already playing through your head and pumping you up today, then click here for a motivation boost.  Often, my art illustrates the landscape of Texas, the Gulf, and the Caribbean, but when an amazing client asked me to illustrate a collective of African images, I fell in love with the process.  I found an inherent strength in studying and rendering images from a continent built upon ages of vibrant culture and wisdom.

Last night, I had an amazing opportunity to share my LOVE Necklace Campaign at the Texas Vignette Women's Art Exhibit at the Texas Women's Museum in Fair Park.  As I spoke to people about the campaign I explained why I originally designed the necklace.  I told them that, when I began writing my novel, I was in such a dark, lonely place [#metoo] and I wanted to be loved so badly, so I designed the 'LOVE Necklace' and said to myself, "when a man truly loves me, I'll begin to wear this necklace."  I set it aside and waited... and waited... and waited to no avail so one day, I decided to place it around my neck, just to see how it would feel.  I ran my fingers along the golden letters that spell L-O-V-E and suddenly realized that this necklace is about so much more than waiting for a man to love me.  This is about me loving myself!

That revelation became a pivotal point in the story line of my novel (I won't spoil anything) as well as in my own journey toward healing and stepping back into my strength and confidence, which is why the LOVE Necklace One-for-One Giving Campaign means so much to me.

When I was asked to develop a series of African Art, without a second guess, I knew I would include a lion in the collection.  In each version of the lion that I painted, I could feel the creature's pride and majesty reverberating across the picture plane until it began echoing within my energy.

This image 'Iron like a Lion' truly represents strength and self-confidence... the self-love that the LOVE Necklace stands for.  The original art as well as giclee prints are available at MpulseStudio.com and just like anything available on my website right now, I'm donating a percentage of proceeds from each sale to one of the women's shelters supported by Mpulse Studio.  Click here to learn more about each of them.

I'm wishing you an amazing week filled with strength, motivation, inspiration, and most of all... LOVE!