The Power of Creative Connection

Burdette African Art.jpg

Art with Empathy

There is something to be said about connecting with others in a creative way.  My personal inspiration comes from my surroundings, geography and landscape.  It wouldn't have crossed my mind to illustrate and African inspired watercolor quadryptich, or paint a portrait of Saint Lucy, or to capture the sweet innocence of a jungle-themed nursery, but over the past year, the work that I've been commissioned to paint for my clients has become a hugely important component in my body of work.

About a year ago, an amazing friend (and interior designer) and I began to get together for lunch and visit about our creative mediums.  She would come to my studio and listen as I talked about the inspiration behind my watercolors, jewelry, and literature.  She and I have spoken endlessly about my color palette and why I integrate particular elements and techniques into my art.  I have some pieces that she was intrigued by, but my palette doesn't complement her home.  Furthermore, while I connect with the Caribbean, she finds inspiration from African art.  She asked if I would ever consider integrating warmer hues into my palette.  I spent some time working in my studio and sent her an example of some sketches of a map of Africa, as well as some African animals, in muted, more neutral oranges and reds.  This led to the creation of a powerful, impassioned collection that wouldn't have come to fruition had she and I not connected creatively.

Each time someone approaches me and asks me to create something, whether it seems to be within my current scope of work, or not, I always accept the challenge (unless its something that isn't in alignment with my creative ethics).  I believe that in order to grow, it is important to step outside of what comes most naturally.  I believe it is important to look at things from someone else's perspective.  I believe that a profound beauty lies within both the process and end result of a creative connection.