Building a Brand from a Place of Passion

My brand, Mpulse Studio | Charlotte St. Charles: fine art and jewelry for the adventurous heart, wasn’t built overnight.  This idea/lifestyle has been years in the making, even at times when I didn’t realize it.  

My creative vision is comprised of literature, painting, and jewelry.  Each element of this trifecta provide a creative platform for me to share the story of Mona Lamar, aka my alter ego, a jewelry designer and Dallas Design District gallery owner, whose passion and lustful vulnerability grows with so much fervor that she is pulled by the forces of nature to overcome her fears in pursuit of self actualization.  Mona accepts her Hero’s Journey with passion and doesn’t look back.  As she’s chased by her dark shadow of despair, she hijacks a boat, sails through the Caribbean, falls in love, becomes entranced by an enchanted priestess, and receives instructions to return to her place of birth, New Orleans, to understand and accept her ultimate truths.  

Mona faces life’s difficult challenges head on.  She battles anxiety, she falls into lustful bliss.  She loves with her whole heart, then endures painful heartache.  She invites adventure into her soul and accepts the consequences, good or bad.  She adapts and eventually learns how to navigate through each experience.  Mona is me.  Mona is you.  Mona embodies our deepest fears and our greatest strengths, and she does so with a raw, authentic sense of self.

Through The Sketchbook (available to purchase here), my short story and illustrated journal and Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist, my first novel, I introduce Mona Lamar to you.  Her ultimate purpose and ambition is to encourage you to live with an adventurous heart.

When I launched Mpulse Studio, my focus was on Texas Wildlife.  In fact, my first tag line was: Constructing a long term community for sharing views of nature through art and design.  My environment and natural landscape has always been important to me, which led to my cartography.  While I’m still committed to illustrating nature and my surroundings, I’ve opened my heart to new and different ideas.  I’ve come face to face with villains, and I’ve entered into thresholds of opportunity.  I’ve accepted my Hero’s Journey without even realizing it.  My brand, Mpulse Studio | Charlotte St. Charles, grew from a seed of passion planted in my soul.  As I naturally nurtured it,  working dutifully in my studio day after day, it grew within me.  My brand is a complete expression of my heart and soul.  

New brands are developed everyday, often by identifying a need and developing a solution to meet that need.  A friend of mine, a brilliant entrepreneur and brand marketer, admittedly doesn’t have any emotional attachment to the products he sells.  I admire his ability to take such an objective approach to his work.  I’m not capable of that.  My work is my authentic expression.  It’s a real, honest idea that I’m sharing with you.  I’m sincerely encouraging you to live with an adventurous heart because like Mona and I can assure you, once you do, you’ll never turn back.

30A in Florida... a piece of paradise

30A in Florida... a piece of paradise

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