Our Lioness Within

Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking on intimacy expert, Dr. Kat Smith's, podcast (it will be aired here on April 26).  The subject of the interview is titled, Healing through Creativity.  She and I both spoke of traumatic events we've endured and how we've used our writing as a means to heal.  As soon as I got in my car after the interview, a wave on anxiety began to envelope me.  I suddenly felt as if I had been too specific about a traumatic incident and I allowed myself to enter a downward thought spiral, imaging the worst about how others might react to my raw, honest truth.  

As soon as I got home and pulled out my laptop, I emailed Dr. Smith and expressed my worries and fears, hoping she would edit my remark out of the interview.  As soon as I pressed send, I stepped into my studio and I was enveloped by yet another emotion.  This time, it was a force within that ripped through my anxiety.  I immediately emailed her back with the following message:

Dr. Smith,

I just hit 'send' and then walked into my studio and thought of one more thing that I wanted to add to my last email... my mental conflict is this... yes, the fear makes me feel small.  But suddenly a lioness inside of me started to roar and tell me that I shouldn't be afraid, that I can handle whatever consequences come my way... still I would really appreciate your guidance.

Dr. Smith didn't hesitate to respond:

Let the lioness roar and guard you against anything that threatens your freedom and happiness.

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