A sneak peek inside my creative process...

Those of you who have been following me on social media know that my fine art and jewelry serve as illustrations for my novel, Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist.  As final edits are being made to the manuscript, I've been posting my art accompanied by short excerpts from that part of the story.  

This story has become so embedded in my heart and my mind, that the lines between my protagonist's (Mona Lamar) life and mine, are often blurred.  While I find it disappointing when I come to terms with the fact that I'm not an heiress to a South Texas ranching fortune, as Mona Lamar is, that kind of connection is helpful when it comes time for me to sit down in my studio to create a new piece of jewelry.  I'm able to tap into her mind (aka my mind) and express exactly what she feels through each design.  

This piece for example, Wave on Wave, illustrates a moment when Mona is comforted by a love interest.  "His hands were twice the size of mine.  He wrapped his fingers around my tiny palm, engulfing it like an ascending wave about to break over the tide.  But instead of erupting into a cascading sea spray, he pressed his fingers firmly against my hand, as if to tell me that not everything falls apart." 

As I placed my protective eye wear over my face and heated my metal, I began to imagine that strong hand, pressed against mine.  As I forged the brass to emulate one wave being embraced by another, I allowed myself to completely feel those powerful fingers wrapped around my hand; I could understand just how much comfort can come from a gentle embrace.  When I look at this piece of art, I can see Mona, sitting on her bed in a dimly lit New Orleans hotel room, sketchbook in her lap, scribbling away as she's drawn to illustrate an inspired night of passion.

I'm currently designing a collection of 'Golden Luxuries' that sculpturally bring my story to life, so that as a reader, you can experience the overwhelming satisfaction that occurs when you answer your call to adventure.  

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