The LOVE Necklace Necklace One-for-One Giving Campaign


No matter where you are in your journey, you are loved

The Impact

As the LOVE Necklace Campaign grows, so will the evidence the impact of this campaign will have on individuals.  I am in the process of gathering stories, but because of the nature of this campaign, many of these stories are deeply personal, and many women must remain anonymous.  As stories are gathered, I will continually share them on this page, but in the mean time, I will share my journey:

I lost an artist's dream job to a sexual harassment situation.  I felt so confident about the work I was hired to do that I mistakenly put "all of my eggs into one basket," so when I had to walk away from the job because I couldn't meet the contractor's dark sexual desires, I fell into a depression and found myself wandering aimlessly, trying to figure out my next move.  I began writing a novel as a cathartic exercise to find some kind of creative response to my pain.  About three months into my novel, I found myself desperately yearning for love.  Even though I knew that my parents and friends and family loved me, it didn't seem to fill any kind of void.  I sculpted the letters L-O-V-E out of goldfill wire and told myself that when someone tells me that they love, I will wear this necklace.  I thought that a man's love would save me from the pain that the contractor caused, but it didn't matter how many Bumble dates I went on, I wasn't hearing those words, and darkness and depression ensued.

I grew impatient.  I had designed this beautiful necklace and I wanted to wear it, but I couldn't, because no one was in love with me.  I picked up the necklace and placed it around my neck, just to see how it looked.  As I admired the beauty of the letters I had shaped, something unexpected happened.  Standing alone in front of my vanity, a wave of confidence washed over me.  I felt a new sense of strength as I adored the precious gold chain and word 'LOVE,' gently laying on my neck.  It was such a sweet, beautiful message and I deserved to don it.  I realized that this necklace isn't about romantic love.  It's about self-love, which is one in the same as God's love, or Universal love... however you phrase it, this necklace was a reminder that, yes, I am loved!  I love myself!  I know that God loves me and through my faith, He will not forsake me, nor will any Universal force.  No matter where I am in my journey, I know that I am loved. 

From the moment I opened my heart to myself and started wearing the LOVE Necklace, my journey took a turn and I eventually found a new path to walk down.  Because this necklace had such a strong impact on me, I wanted to share it with other women who may have endured something similar, so I contacted Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas and presented my idea for the One-for-One Giving Campaign so that each time a LOVE Necklace is purchased, one is given to a woman receiving care.  It didn't take long for Genesis's Director of In-kind giving to contact me and share an uplifting story about one of the women who received the necklace, which warmed my heart and gave me to confidence to continue to grow this Campaign.

As the Campaign grows, Mpulse Studio has connected with women's shelters in Austin, Belize, and New Orleans as well.  I am strategically working to gather stories about how this necklace affects the wearer, both from the perspective of the women who receive the necklace through the Giving Campaign, as well as the women who purchase the necklace. It is my belief that if we connect as a community and create a culture of love, not only will we make it a little easier for a woman to navigate down the dark paths that she may encounter on her journey toward healing, but we will counter the hate that is guiding so much pain in our world... through this Campaign, we can join as a community to support one another and love with conviction.

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