Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist: Part VI

With the confidence that my faith is more powerful than a bullet in my revolver, I was able to relax in my Passat while I cruised back to Dallas's wild west design district.  My Louis Vuitton bag rested on the passenger seat with my Smith and Wesson tucked securely inside.  I didn't feel the need to continually reach for it, which offered relief.  

Making my way back to Dallas from the coast, I noticed an anomaly in the sky as I passed through the hill country.  The sky glistened with an aura and once again, I felt a presence luring me.  I breathed into this urge and headed west toward Enchanted Rock.  I pulled into the nature preserve and parked in the shade of a live oak tree.  Hills rolled under the big Texas sky as I communicated with the spirit within me.  I was being asked to climb to the enchanted rock's summit, alone.  

I took a deep breath and accepted all of the beauty that surrounded me.  As I approached the summit, I looked out upon the Texas hill country.  I was as close to the heavens as I could be.  I looked down, toward the bottom of the rock.  The trees were minuscule, and the shadows there appeared almost non-existent.  My past form never made it to the top of this rock: she died at its foothills.   But now I'm at the top, alive and connected to the heavens.  I was connected to the heavens in my boat and again in the rain-drenched park.  And now I stand beneath the omnipotent, feeling his guidance steer my core, confident that my faith will not forsake me when the shadow next appears.  I’ll breathe and relax in the understanding that there is a force that will safeguard my spirit to the end of the cosmos and the last turning of time.

Meg HulseComment