Someone Else's Vision Will Never be as Good as Your Own Vision of Yourself - Georgia O'Keeffe

As a female artist, I look to the spirit of American painter, Georgia O’Keeffe, for insight, wisdom, and strength to continue expressing and sharing my visions of nature. I’ve never felt a more kindred connection as she guides me through nature, teaching me how to express my perspective of the plants and animals whose habitats we share. As Erin Coe, director of the Hyde Collection in New York stated, “Georgia O’Keeffe was an artist who excelled at coming to terms with a place and making it her own. Person and place were closely intertwined and interconnected and she did this by focusing on nature, by focusing on the natural world.”

When I came across this image of O’Keeffe in her early thirties on the Stieglitz property at Lake George, I became captivated by her unique pose and expression. I wanted to pose as she did, outside my studio, as she posed outside hers, looking upon the natural elements that inspire our creative journeys.

Mpulse Studio focuses on interpreting North American wildlife imagery through two and three dimensional creative concepts, constructing a long term community for sharing views of nature through art and design, so I was quite drawn to this quote by Georgia O’Keeffe:

One cannot be an American by going about saying that one is an American. It is necessary to feel America, like America, love America.

Meg HulseComment