There are Always Flowers for Those Who Want to See Them

Last winter felt exceptionally cold and gray.  My artwork reflected this.  I used little color and my imagery grew somber.  My Black Swan paintings were created at the peak of the wintery darkness that cast through the windows of my upstairs studio.  I couldn't wait for springtime to bless me with warmth and color.

My upcoming exhibit, A South Lamar Botanical Tour, is an illustration of how spring, a generous gift from nature, renews our energy and spirit.  Nature paints our surroundings with bright pinks, purples, yellows, reds.  All of these colors pop against the serenity of our green, grassy landscape while the sun, softly warms our skin and kisses us with gentle breezes.  This beautiful, colorful spring has awakened my faith and serves as a reminder for how truly blessed I am.  

I want my viewers to feel what I do every morning when I run through my neighborhood, smiling, in awe of everything that is blooming.  I'm using a much broader palette than I have been with my past watercolors.  I'm using my salt scrub and splatter techniques to complement the grace and allure of each of the flowers and I'm playing with the concept of altruism in nature through various insects participation in this springtime setting.  This exhibit is a representation of all of the joy and beauty that we're blessed with.  In the words of Henri Matisse, there are always flowers for those who want to see them.

Meg HulseComment