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A Walk through San Pedro

Whether you arrive in San Pedro, Belize by water taxi, or a single engine Cessna, you’re guaranteed to step into a damp, salty atmosphere where magic lingers at every turn. Hidden in the shade of the coconut palms, woven through the tangled mangrove branches, glistening in the seawater shimmer, the island possesses an energy that I’m blessed to connect with.

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This is Where We Live

I’m writing openly and vulnerably about the realities of life on a small Caribbean island, and my journey as I use three mediums (watercolor, writing, and jewelry design) to build a social impact brand that supports women’s health, safety, and dignity, and how I am learning to use mindfulness and spirituality to guide me through the deepest struggles and most trying times.

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Relax your Mind

I approached the crude structure and pulled aside a piece of madras fabric that had been fashioned into an entrance.  Incense smoke twisted and curled through the air in a thick haze.  As my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit, smoke filled room, they fixated upon a Nefertiti-esque woman. 

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