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A Walk through San Pedro

Whether you arrive in San Pedro, Belize by water taxi, or a single engine Cessna, you’re guaranteed to step into a damp, salty atmosphere where magic lingers at every turn. Hidden in the shade of the coconut palms, woven through the tangled mangrove branches, glistening in the seawater shimmer, the island possesses an energy that I’m blessed to connect with.

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How a Work of Art turned into a Community Project

I’ll never forget the time in my life that I designed The Love Necklace. I was just trying to heal myself from an abusive situation. I had no idea where that simple design would lead me, but here we are, 10 strong mentors coupled with 10 girls who needed a dose of empowerment.

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The Art of Gifting

I know that the messages that I put out on social media may often seem unrelated... sometimes I post about my paintings, other times, it's my book, a new jewelry design, or the LOVE Necklace Campaign. In this short story, I tell the story about how relevant each medium I work in is to the overall story about a journey toward light, in the wake of trauma...

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