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Last night I dreamed that I was given a beautiful airplane, I had everything I needed to get it in the air, it had plenty of fuel, it was in perfect condition, I just needed a pilot... In my dream, I would climb into the plane and relax upon the newly upholstered seats, and admire the state of the art, shiny cabin, but none of that mattered because I didn’t have anyone to fly the plane. I spent the entire dream searching for a pilot.

When I awoke, the dream was still vivid in my mind. I meditated on it, and concluded that the plane is a metaphor for The Love Necklace Campaign, and I was dreaming about a pilot to help me guide the campaign to the next level.

Who is this pilot? How do I find this person?

I went running along the shoreline and looked toward the sky and pondered these questions. As I gazed upon the horizon, where the sky meets the sea, and the sun illuminates the heavens and casts glittered reflections that twinkle upon the endless water, I realized that God is the pilot. With that, I breathed into my confidence that God is guiding this campaign to new heights.

I kept running and thought further about how important it is that The Love Necklace Campaign is a community effort. God is guiding me, but I still need help so that more women can be supported. I looked back toward the water and was blessed with yet another insight... God is within all of us. As we come together to support one another, and support women’s health, safety, and dignity, it is the mighty I AM who is steering our souls. And with that, it’s time to cross check the cabin and prepare for take off.✈️

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