Let's Rise Together

Pictured below is Jocelyn, a Belizean girl who joined The Love Necklace Campaign for a day of women empowerment.

Love Necklace Campaign model.JPG

Did you know that 1 in 3 women in Belize report incidents of domestic violence? However, according to a domestic abuse report in Belize, victims drastically under report these incidents, and there are indications that the rate of domestic violence in Belize is much higher. There’s also a lack of awareness regarding emotional abuse. According to a survey conducted by the Women’s Circle of Belize, there are many women living in situations where there is a lot of psychological abuse but they don’t see it as a problem because they’ve not been beaten by a man.

As a young lady in Belize, Jocelyn is vulnerable to domestic violence, as many women are. By giving her an opportunity to join The Love Necklace Campaign as a model, the campaign allows her to gain opportunities to learn about female empowerment, spend time with female mentors, and understand that she always has a strong support system within her community.

Hope Haven in San Pedro, Belize, and Haven House in Belize City, are two of the five shelters that the campaign supports.

The more I work on The Love Necklace Campaign, the more I learn about the need for this work, and the impact that this work has on the communities it serves, but I cannot do it alone. This work requires a tribe of strong, supportive women, who understand how important it is to teach women that they are loved and supported as they journey into a place a peace, in the wake of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

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