Change is on the Horizon

San Pedro Town... salt-scrubbed watercolor on paper

San Pedro Town... salt-scrubbed watercolor on paper

This feeling is all too familiar.  I remember the last time I felt it, I couldn't run from it.  I had to ride a wave of uncertainty until things settled down, and when I had a chance to lift my head above water and catch my breath, I was navigating through a different city, making new friends, and watching the previous chapter of my life dissipate into a foggy haze.

It was a gradual process, but it required monumental decisions.  It required that I open my heart to change, and trust that I was strong enough to handle the transition.  We're not meant to be stagnant.  We are each on our own journey to become the most fulfilled version of ourselves.  Our lives are comprised of many chapters, each one, building to the next.  

Some chapters are shorter than others, but regardless of how many pages are turned, each one is essential to our unique plot.  

As I gaze upon the horizon, and watch the sun set on a past version of myself, I can feel the change in motion. I can see a wave beginning to swell, and I'm ready to let it wash over me, and carry me into a new beginning, so the next chapter of my life can gradually unfold.