Cheers to all the Beautiful, Amazing Women

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Celebrating International Women's Day

I couldn't be more proud to stand up on International Women's Day and state the mission of Mpulse Studio, which is to evoke confidence and purpose through visual and wearable art and literature, while connecting with community programs to support women's health, safety, and dignity.

Those who know me well, know that there was a time in my life when I didn't have the confidence, or feel empowered enough, to stand up and make a statement like this. I would have quietly patted myself on the back and kept working in the shadows, but not today. Today, I'm in the light, shoulders back, standing tall, excitedly expressing the fact that, through Mpulse Studio's one-for-one LOVE Necklace giving campaign, we're supporting women in Texas, Louisiana, and Belize and so far this year, Mpulse Studio has donated 18 LOVE Necklaces to women accepting care at a shelter in one of these places.

Thank you to everyone who continues to empower me and support my creative efforts, and thank you to everyone who continues to fight for women's rights and equality so that we can all stand in the light, in union, and empower one another. #internationalwomensday