Angels among Us

Angels we have Heard on High

Angels we have Heard on High

As an artist with a three and a half year old creative business, I have seen an abundance of ebbs and flows.  Sometimes I'm splashing around in a high tide, and sometimes the tide is so low, I wonder if I'm about to be engulfed by a tsunami.

Through my literature, I'm vocal about my journey toward spirituality.  I'm also vocal about the fact that I understand that my path toward spirituality is a personal journey and I never intend to push my beliefs on anyone.  So take this musing as you will...

When I began developing a relationship with God, I didn't know how to pray or what to expect.  I started by looking up toward the sky and would just run through a laundry list of the things that I felt like I needed, and then send my prayers to all of my family and friends.  I would literally name every single family member and friend, as if I was in Mass saying the Prayers of the Faithful.  I did this with conviction, fearful that if I forgot to mention someone, God would punish me for not caring enough.  

I would pray and pray and never seemed to recognize any results.  I didn't get to go to Puerto Rico with my friend last August.  None of the men that I wanted to date ever gave me the kind of attention that I desired.  I hadn't woken up to an inbox flooded with emails indicating thousands of over nights sales.  My prayers seemed fruitless.  So, I stopped praying for a while.  

Instead, at night, I turned toward my journal and allowed my mind to dive into a more creative realm.  I figured that God, being omnipotent, already knew what I needed and that if I continued to acknowledge Him, truly trust Him, and then hand Him the reigns, he would work it out... there is one thing that I continued to ask for though... I continually asked God for an angel.

Again, I was waiting for the skies to part and for a glowing seraphim to swoop down and grant me every wish I had ever dreamed of, but what happened has been a much greater blessing.  I have come to find I have more angels in my life than I ever imagined.  These are people who I interact with every day.  These are people who lighten the load and uplift me and give me nudges to push me back on the right path.  

In the recent past, I found myself in a kind of situation that no one wants to be in.  I didn't want to burden any of my family or friends with my strife, so I trusted in God's plan, kept my nose to the grindstone, powered through and everything ended up working out far better than I imagined it would.  But what I realized along the way is that it was through the grace of my family and friends, that it all worked out.  I didn't ask anyone for anything and miraculously, one by one, everything fell into place through a combination of sweet, generous acts, both large and small.

I was walking through my neighborhood one day and I was struck by the realization that one person in particular in my life is the angel that I've been praying for, and then I kept walking and realized that, so is this other person.  Then I started thinking about everything that has fallen into place over the past few months and I realized that I've been blessed with a choir of angels, lighting my soul and providing me with all I need to journey forward with powerful grace.

So whatever your faith looks like to you, I am vehemently confident when I state that there are angels among us and I wouldn't have been able to publish my first novel, or share the LOVE Necklace Campaign, or stand in the lobby of the ALOFT Hotel in downtown Austin and look up at my larger than life painting, without them.  

To all of my amazing friends who continue to guide me and inspire me and support me, please accept my gratitude from the bottom of my heart.