The Adventurous Heart: a Concept of Self-Love

Adventure is more than approaching life as a risk laden journey.  An Adventurous Heart™ is an intangible force that lies within us that guides us forward through life’s adversities.

We often hear about finding our path, choosing our path, taking the right path.  In the sense that the decisions we make day to day lead us down a path specific to that choice, we are essentially on an adventure with each decision we make.  Our Adventurous Heart™ is our conscious heart that only we, as individuals, can tap into in order to live the life that we want, and choose, to indulge in.

Adventure invites us every day.  With every word we speak and every step we take, we forge our path.  We may, from time to time, take a wrong turn, or hit a dead end.  Rain may begin to fall on the brightest stretch of road.  Ultimately, though, we navigate through, to the brighter route, and when we do, our Adventurous Hearts™ illuminate our lives with powerful grace, confidence, and fortitude.

Our storms will destroy us if we let them.  People who choose to live with an Adventurous Heart™ possess a sense of patience and perseverance, and they have faith that in due time, they will rise beyond the rain and into a place of embracing sunlight.  An Adventurous Heart™ ultimately chooses the path that leads to light and love.

I use my creative vision to illustrate the journey that we must venture on to transcend from a place of pain into a place of beauty.  I create works of art, through watercolor, jewelry design, and literature, to remind us that our emotional storms, whatever may cause them, do not last forever, as long as we allow ourselves to move forward.  

Each of our unique hearts are given the opportunity to rise above our storms.  When shadows of despair stalk my adventure, and I do not know which way to go, I keep moving forward, stumbling along whatever path comes my way.  I dredge through the dark, until I find the path that shines a dim sparkle of light.  When I make the decision to walk toward the faint glimmer, my Adventurous Heart™ awakens within me and leads me toward a self that I truly love.

Meg in watercolor.jpg