Love Yourself!

I recently had the opportunity to speak as a panelist at the Young Women's Alliance 'Love Yourself Summit' at Craft.  The purpose of this inaugural event was to focus on empowering young, professional women to continue to thrive within their given industry.  I can honestly say that the event was so much more than that.

I arrived to the venue, Craft, which is a inspirational haven for creative spirits.  On on a sunny, spring Sunday morning, the room was filled with upbeat, beautiful women, vendors, and shoppers alike, all decked out in yoga attire while smiling, laughing, and embracing one another.  With energy elevated, confidence and excitement poured through the room.

From herbal tonics to acupuncture, boutique clothing, and daily affirmation cards, the vendors all had something unique and inspiring to offer the guests.  As a panelist, I, a writer and artist, shared the mic with a sex therapist, a career coach, and an herbalist.  Just as the vendors each brought a unique offering, I believe that we did as well.

The four of us had the opportunity to speak candidly about our experiences and growth as we've answered the call to live lives of passion and conviction.  We talked about everything from female empowerment movements to battling stress to dating tips and while not all of our answers were in alignment with one another, they were in alignment with our personal truths, which was the ultimate message that we were collectively there to convey: LOVE YOURSELF!  We cannot do this if we do not allow ourselves the opportunity to recognize our needs and desires and place them in alliance with a moral code, and that looks differently for everyone.  Our desires are just as unique as our individual talents and physical traits, and our outlooks and successes are as well.

As I spoke, I looked out into the audience and witnessed something I hadn't seen before.  It was an entire room of bright eyed women listening intently with open hearts and minds, offering hope and promise that a paradigm shift is in action.  A shift away from a self centered approach to get more and into a self aware, heartfelt intention to embrace one another and reap the benefits of success as we all share the abundance generated by our unique talents and loved selves.

The Young Women's Alliance, whose mission is to provide leadership skills for the next generation of Austin women leaders, truly delivered an elevated level of leadership at the 'Love Yourself Summit.'  The event was a true testament to what we can accomplish when we come together with open hearts, passion and conviction in our souls, and the ability to love from within.

Meg HulseComment