Sketch your Way to a Place of Passion

 Leaning against the gallery door, my pencil placed on the hot-pressed paper of my sketchbook, I lightly sketched a conjured vision.

I looked down and saw the limned shape of a Bermuda-rigged sloop, floating in a bay as the sun hung lazily above the horizon. I placed my sketch book back in my bag next to my revolver. I ran apace to my scratched up Passat, lit the engine, and headed south toward the coast. If the island didn't have the answers I needed, then perhaps I would find them in the waters just beyond, glistening in the gulf stream, highlighting stories from my past. If I hurried, I’d be there by moon rise.

This is Mona's Sketchbook, the prelude to my novel, 'Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist.' This book leaves hundreds of blank pages for you to sketch and journal as you accept your Hero's Journey.  Follow you heart and find you bliss!  Click here to learn more.

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