Let your Spirit Shine!

Holiday 2017

This season is all about highlighting your unique, individual aesthetic.  I recently had the opportunity to host a photoshoot in my studio.  Each model had free reign to style herself in the pieces from my 2017 Curated Collection and the results were nothing short of fabulous!

Ashley Holiday Polaroid 2017.jpg

What are you inspires you?

I'm inspired by the idea of possibilities and choice, and what that means for creating in regards to anything from a project, a day, or a life. 

What are your passions?

Empathy, engaging spaces, original ideas & creativity

How did wearing this 'Soul Chain' make you feel?

Wearing this Soul Chain made me feel like I was getting to do something special. I noticed how even though it was so delicate, it felt like a statement piece to me, and that statement could be dictated by the affect my mood had on my chosen aesthetic and style as much as my aesthetic and style could have an affect on my mood. 

Vanessa Holiday Polaroid 2017.jpg

What inspires you?

Love! Seeing people live their purpose and make a difference in themselves, resulting in rippling love, essence, truth and power into the world.

What are your passions?

People. World travel. Health and Wellness. Personal Growth. Truth. Love.  

How did wearing this 'Mayan Connection Tribal Choker' make you feel?

This piece taps into my wild inner bohemian that lives free, yet with elegance and grace.

Asha Polaroid Holiday 2017.jpg

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by those who aren't afraid to live their dreams... the individuals that gave up the conventional 9-5 to pursue their passions and live the life they desire.

What are your passions?

I'm passionate about helping people live the best version of themselves.  I love anything fitness and the feeling that exercising gives.

How did wearing the 'Tribal Vibrations' necklace make you feel?

I felt beautiful wearing this necklace.  I love the design and how the jewelry added a pop of color to my neutral outfit.

Margaret Holiday Polaroid 2017.jpg

What inspires you?

Painting, writing, design... using my creativity to serve others.

What are your passions?

I'm inspired by geography and place... the way that place evokes each of my senses.

How did wearing this 'Traveler Choker' make you feel?

This 'Traveler Choker' reminds me of the salty trade wind breeze that blows through my hair on a warm Caribbean night.

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