Tribal Vibrations - a smaller version

Tribal Vibrations - a smaller version


The Mayan Connection

"In complete awe of the understory of the forest, I kept my gaze upward, in amazement.  I’d heard of toucans before, but never before had I seen one.  Every color of the rainbow hung overhead.  The blue butterflies and purple paper flowers contrasted against the bright red in the toucan’s beak, while the lush green camouflaged the more inconspicuous animals.  An eerie cry from a howler monkey echoed in the distance, adding to the symphony of buzzing, and croaking, and chirping from the forest’s vibrant menagerie.  The cool, dark humid air provided a reprieve from the scorching Caribbean sun.  I crossed my arms across my chest and ran my hands over my biceps to warm my skin.  Antoine pulled me back toward him and placed his arm around my shoulder, offering his body heat.  We stepped in unison as Andy continued to lead us toward closer toward the sound of running water, which grew louder with every step we took.  Our path grew rocky as we hiked through upward and before long, we stood beneath a cascading waterfall."

Jade, Citrine, Coral, Sancast, Glassbeads

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