Rough Royals Wrap Ring

Rough Royals Wrap Ring


The Nola Spirit Collection

“No.  No one is sitting here.”  I grabbed my bag from the seat and awkwardly began to feel under the bar top for a hook to hang it on.  Unsuccessful, I rested it on the ground and wrapped the strap around my boot.  Flushed and nervous, my heart raced.  Once he got comfortable on his bar stool he turned his head in the direction of the bartender, which happened to be in my general direction.  My eye was drawn to his ring.    On his right hand ring finger, rested a platinum ring with a blue stone in the shape of the letter ‘D,’ surrounded by diamond chips.  It was a sports championship ring, obviously.  

“Blue Demons.”  He smiled at me.

I nodded and smiled back.  I didn’t know what he meant by ‘Blue Demons.’

“It’s my championship ring, college ball… I’m a coach.”

Wrapped and Soldered Goldfill

*This piece is custom made upon order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping.

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