Rough Rock Barely There Necklace

Rough Rock Barely There Necklace


Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken Collection

This rough stone Barely There Necklace illustrates an excerpt from Chapter 14, of Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist. It is an illustration of the beauty in raw, natural elements. The small, rough cut stones are centered on an invisible fishing line, and attached with 14k goldfill findings, and the Signature Mpulse Studio logo tag. The piece gently floats on your collarbone, light as a feather… you won’t realize you have it on until you start receiving compliments on it’s understated elegance.

“She taught me to be tough.  She taught me to live with raw, unbridled passion and to never let anyone inhibit my dreams.  She taught me that life isn’t always cut crystal and rainbow prisms, sometimes the beautifully etched glass breaks and leaves you with shards of hardened sand.  I was using rough diamonds to illustrate that idea. Grandma Johnston loved diamonds. She never left her house without her mine-cut solitaire earrings that had been passed down for generations.  Those, coupled with her five carat emerald cut engagement ring, illuminated her petite, but powerful, frame from miles away.” -Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist

natural, rough cut stones may vary

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