Reef Warrior

Reef Warrior

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The Caribbean Creole Collection

"I prayed to God to guide me safely, took a deep breath and started swimming west.  What followed was pure magic.  As soon as I trusted the guidance of the my higher power, I relaxed and got lost in the splendor of the sea.  I didn't know the first thing about the kinds of coral or marine life that I was swimming with, so I focused on the color and the shape and the movement.  Everything flowed with grace.  Bright yellow and purple and turquoise fish weaved in and out of rock formations  A sting ray hovered, just inches, from the sandy floor.  I looked toward the surface and rays of sunlight glistened through the surface, casting golden hues on the rainbow palette that surrounded me.  Everything seemed to move without effort, including me.  My breath was steady, and calm.  I felt weightless.  I was connected with the water and I trusted that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, and that God would guide me safely." -The Way to Surrender

Agate, Bone, Crystal, Sapphire, Mother of Pearl, Goldfill, Glass Beads

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