The Love Necklace Campaign

The Love Necklace Campaign

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With this jewelry near our hearts, we can run our fingers along the delicate gold letters that spell L-O-V-E and know that no matter where we are, mentally or physically, we are loved.

Through this program

  • You choose which shelter you would like a Love Necklace to be gifted to

  • You choose the design (a Love Necklace or a Love Bracelet in gold or silver) you would like to receive as your gift

  • You write a woman receiving care at the shelter a love note, and let her know how much you truly care about her


Because knowing that someone cares could make all the difference.

I guard my love necklace with my life because it represents the day I chose not to go back - anonymous, Haven House Women’s Shelter, Belize City

hand forged gold charm on 16" 14k gold or goldfill chain

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