Hope Necklace

Hope Necklace


Wild Hearts Can't be Broken Collection

"Just as they possessed a spiritual elitism, they also possessed a status as poised, elitist, Texan women and neither of them ever shared their acceptance of these these gifts with anyone.  They didn’t even share them with me until they felt I was ready to tap into my own intuition.  It was a right of passage that I wasn’t expecting.  They taught me to look beyond plain sight to see things that most people pass by.  They urged me to understand that if I feel a presence near me, if the wind blows a cooler breeze, or a flicker of light shines brighter than usual, that I’m not alone."

14K goldfill 'Hope' message on a gold chain

*This piece is custom made upon order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping.

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