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Fine Art

This collection of salt scrubbed watercolors illustrates my deep connection to place and my dedication to take my viewers on a sophisticated and sensual creative journey.

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Step into an impassioned adventure through this collection of novels, short stories, and custom journals, all intended to inspire and evoke love and passion.

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Each custom piece of jewelry illustrates specific moments in these stories, so the wearer can understand and use the piece to define her own journey.

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Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist

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Unleash your adventuress spirit and travel with Mona Lamar as she embarks upon a caribbean adventure in a story of self discovery in the wake of sexual abuse... 

‘Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist’ is a creative response to the pain and suffering that occurs as a result of sexual abuse. This story shines a light on the aftermath of the wreckage, on the introspective journey one must embark upon in efforts to overcome the darkness that lingers long after the abuse occurs. It shines a light on what happens to our sexuality after it's been used against us while shadows of despair loom over our souls, teasing and taunting us until we have no choice but to journey inward to find the path that will lead us out of darkness and into light.

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"Wearing an mpulse studio signature design fills me with strength and courage…"

—Liz Rubio
founder, L. Rubio Consulting

"My Mpulse studio sketchbook has inspired me to author my own story…”

—Dorsey Standish
founder, Create Presence

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