Dallas Map

Dallas Map


Salt-scrubbed watercolor on paper


10" x 10"

”As I stared down the dusty, west Dallas street, certain that  had abolished the dark shadow of despair, I allowed myself a moment to revel in the tranquility of its absence.  Only for a moment, though.  Because as soon as one wight lifted from my shoulders, I was struck by another.  This wasn't over.  This would be an ongoing battle: an introspective journey in search of this shadow's ultimate cremation.  Leading against the gallery door, my pencil placed on the hot-pressed paper of my sketchbook, I lightly sketched a conjured vision.

I looked down and saw the limned shape of a monohull sailboat, floating in the South Padre Island bay as the sun hung lazily about the horizon.  I placed my sketchbook back in my bag next to my revolver...” -Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist

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