Enchanted Summit

Enchanted Summit


Salt-scrubbed Watercolor, Goache, Acrylic on Canvas

24” x 30”

“I followed the treeline west and noticed an anomaly in the sky as I passed through the hill country.  The sky glistened with an aura and once again, I felt a presence luring me.  I breathed into this urge and headed west toward Enchanted Rock.  I pulled into the nature preserve and parked in the shade of a live oak tree.  Hills rolled under the big Texas sky as I communicated with the spirit within me.  I was being asked to climb to the enchanted rock’s summit, alone...  


I took a deep breath and accepted all of the beauty that surrounded me.  As I approached the summit, I looked out upon the Texas hill country.  I was as close to the heavens as I could be.” 


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