Enchanted Dreams

Enchanted Dreams

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The Enchanted Spirit Collection

Her tribe adored her art, but they had no idea how much of a life line it was for her.  Her tribe believed that her purpose was to love Wasapa and care for him so that he could wage war with the settlers.  Her true creative intention went unnoticed. She never received credit as the “capturer of beauty and natural perfection” that truly existed within her name.  Art lived inside Puhibitu’s soul.  Often she illustrated the vast landscape that surrounded her.  She highlighted every tree and rolling hill. Sometimes she would fixate on a single bluebonnet or even a single blade of grass.  The detail she used to illustrate nature seemed to defy human talent.

The gods called upon her to reproduce their creations so they could be captured in time, through an eternity of change and natural uncertainty. -Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist

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