Behind the Brand

a statement from the artist

Mpulse Studio was founded in 2010 as a creative escape from the monotonous day-to-day of an office job, but it wasn't until 2014 that I ultimately packed up my desk and said goodbye to a life of living unauthentically.  My creative spirit had been calling me for years, but I kept muffling the sound with an array of excuses that masked a fear of living the life that I had always dreamed of.

In 2014, the call was too loud and I couldn't ignore it anymore.  I was being summoned to shed my armor of complacency and learn how to live from the inside out.  When I launched Mpulse Studio, my focus was on Texas Wildlife and my first tag line was: Constructing a long term community for sharing views of nature through art and design.  My environment and natural landscape has always been important to me, which led to my cartography.  But it wasn't until I came face to face with my dark shadow of despair and battled some of the most horrendous villains one could imagine, that I accepted my purpose, my Hero's Journey.  While I’m still committed to illustrating nature and my surroundings, I’m now doing so with vulnerable authenticity and sharing my story from the heart of a Texas artist.

"Everything I've ever created has stemmed from an obsession with my surroundings and my desire to claim them as my own." -Mona Lamar, Sketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist

My creative vision is comprised of literature, painting, and jewelry.  Each element of this trifecta provides a creative platform for me to share the story of Mona Lamar, aka my alter ego, a jewelry designer and Dallas Design District gallery owner, whose passion and lustful vulnerability grows with so much fervor that she is pulled by the forces of nature to overcome her fears in pursuit of self actualization.  Mona accepts her Hero’s Journey with passion and doesn’t look back.  As she’s chased by her dark shadow of despair, she hijacks a boat, sails through the Caribbean, falls in love, becomes entranced by an enchanted priestess, and receives instructions to return to her place of birth, New Orleans, to understand and accept her ultimate truths.  

Mona faces life’s difficult challenges head on.  She battles anxiety, she falls into lustful bliss.  She loves with her whole heart, then endures painful heartache.  She invites adventure into her soul and accepts the consequences, good or bad.  She adapts and eventually learns how to navigate through each experience.  Mona is me.  Mona is you.  Mona embodies our deepest fears and our greatest strengths, and she does so with a raw, authentic sense of self.

When I lived beneath shadow of despair, I allowed self-hatred to diminish my sense of self.  Since I'm inherently driven by unflappable confidence and sensuality, this was a devastating to me.  I had lost myself.  I went on a journey deep within my soul to find that sexy bombshell that had always guided me with confidence and grace.  Once that spirit resurfaced, I embraced it and began to apply every ounce of it into my creative work.  When I realized that, through jewelry designs, I could offer women that piece of my spirit and share my feelings of sensual allure, I committed to that.  I began creating pieces of jewelry to evoke confidence and ignite a passion so fervent that the wearer won't be able to help but answer the call to her own Hero's Journey.