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1 in 3 women have, or will have, endured sexual assault or domestic violence at some point in her life. Mpulse Studio strives to promote strength, confidence, and self-love through connection and support. This requires a community effort, no one person can achieve this alone.

The Mpulse Studio Ambassador Program connects empowered members of our community to those who seek to serve and support others through programs like The Love Necklace Campaign and The Empower through Love Project. The role of an Ambassador is critical in bridging the gap between those who are reclaiming their lives, and those who understand how important it is that they feel connected. We promote self-love, inspiration, and hope. We know that it takes time, and strength, to return to a place of confidence in the wake of trauma, and we are here to say, “You’re not alone. I’ve got your back.”

As an Ambassador, your role consists of inspiring others to join The Love Necklace Community by doing things like encouraging friends, family, and colleagues to join our mail list, and follow us on Instagram (@love_necklace_campaign). You can host Trunk Shows and encourage others to support The Love Necklace one-for-one giving Campaign, or become Sponsors, or Mentors, or Volunteers for The Empower through Love Project.

Most importantly, through each of these acts, you will be connecting women and teens in need of hope, with someone who has just that to offer.

Ambassador Gifts

  • You will receive a hand selected curated gift for every 10 people who join the Mpulse Studio email list and list you as a referral

  • You will receive a hand selected curated gift for every 3 new Ambassadors who list you as a referral

  • For every person you recruit to participate in the Love Necklace one-for-one Giving Campaign, you will receive a giclee print from the Mpulse Studio Gallery.

  • As a Trunk Show Hostess, you will receive a Love Bracelet (value $75) as a hostess gift, and 25% off all Mpulse Studio offerings

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