This is a Journey

The LOVE Note Project... coming soon

The LOVE Note Project... coming soon

Yesterday morning, I sat in front of my laptop and dutifully tried to write a weekly 'Love-spiration' email and... I had no idea what to write about.  My intention is always to write from a genuine and thoughtful place, but I was blocked.  I wanted to write about my LOVE Note Project, but I've only created my original prototype.  I don't have the product ready to sell quite yet.  I wanted to write about the LOVE Necklace One-for-One Giving Campaign and how perfect it would be for Mother's Day, so that a woman receiving therapy at a women's shelter could have this reminder that she is loved, but I wrote about that two weeks ago.

Then last night, right before I fell asleep, I read Ashely Judd's letter about healing after sexual abuse and I knew exactly what love message I needed to convey.  You can read her entire letter here, but I'd like to share a few excerpts that deeply resonated with me:

There’s no universal timeframe for this trajectory of healing, and everyone’s work looks a little different...

The final stage is that what happened to us merely becomes a story we tell that may be of service to another human being. Perhaps placed in God’s hands, or some other benevolent, compassionate higher power’s hands, this story makes life so worthwhile and meaningful now. With it, we can help others avert death and misery.  -Ashley Judd

I connected with these words because I live and breath this idea every day.  This is what my novelSketches from the Heart of a Texas Artist, is about.  This is why I created the LOVE Necklace Campaign, and why my upcoming LOVE Note Project excites me so much.

It is sickening to know how many people have to endure this kind of trauma and I am glad that the #Metoo movement has allowed an open dialogue about these issues.  When I began my journey toward healing, I was in a dark place and I played the victim card often... it was miserable to say the least, but now I understand that Mpulse Studio was my gift to serve and inspire others to journey into a place of light.  Each piece of art I create, whether it's a piece of literature, a landscape watercolor, a map, or a piece of jewelry, is an illustration of my journey and comes from a place of love. Each LOVE offering I design is made with so much love that my studio is beaming with warm, bright, Caribbean light.

Life is a journey, healing is a journey, and as Ashley Judd wrote, There will still be the hard days. The facts do remain the facts, but we know our preciousness and our fierceness. Healing, damn it, is our birthright.

Through the mission of Mpulse Studio, to evoke confidence, love and purpose through visual and wearable art and literature, while connecting with community programs to support women's health, safety, and dignity, this is what I strive to do each and every day and I am so blessed to have your support.