Coconuts Falling on a Hot Tin Roof

Island Rain.jpg

I arrived in San Pedro town on Tuesday evening, after a long day of travel. My love was waiting for me at the water taxi station, ready to take me to a private house on a secluded beach front property on the north side of the island.  He planned to help a friend with some work on the property while giving me some quiet time to work on my art.

I LOVE the islands, but I'm a city girl and I'm used to staying in more populated places.  San Pedro town always has people milling about and I enjoy vibrating with the energy of the Belizean culture.  I'm not used to being secluded in a cabin in a hot, muggy Caribbean jungle.  It has air conditioning and wi-fi so it's not like I am roughing it, but it is quiet.  Surrounded by a forest of coconut trees and royal palms, and orchids and cyads and a myriad of bright pinks and purples and reds contrasting with the lime green hues from the palms, I'm in the tranquil tropical fantasy that many dream about. It is calm and peaceful and when the sun goes down, it's a little eerie.  Ghost stories from the Pirates of the Caribbean were not dreamed up out of nowhere.  You can feel another layer of energy in the air.

I tossed and turned the first night because I wasn't used to sleeping with out the white noise of Central Expressway, or even the buzzing of the golf carts on the other side of the island bridge.  At one point, when I was just about to fall asleep, I heard a loud "thud" from above.  I jumped out of bed with my heart racing and asked my love, "did you hear that?!" "Yes." He replied without stirring. "A coconut fell on the roof."  Relieved that a spirit from Davey Jones' Locker hadn't come to haunt me, I managed to fall asleep to the sounds of a gecko's chirp and awoke the next morning to a peaceful Caribbean sunrise.

In my gut, I know that my love wouldn't bring me into an unsafe situation, so I had no reason to feel uneasy.  More importantly than that, though, I know Iwouldn't allow myself to enter an unsafe situation.  It's easy, especially with an imagination that runs as wild as mine does, to dream up stories that are nothing more than fiction.  Conversely,  I know that what we put our thoughts and energy into is what will eventually manifest.  Love and trust are so deeply related so by opening our hearts to love and surrendering to the beauty that it brings, it makes sense that trust should follow.  

So, as I sit at my lap top, alone in this vibrant tropical forest, watching white caps from the reef tumble upon the turquoise waters, I'm not at all worried about whatever it is that sounds like someone is quietly clawing the wall next to me.  I trust that it's just something in the wind.